August 23, 2006

Savehoydenshill.com has been created to inform and educate the residents of the Town of Fairfield CT about their invaluable open space in the Hoyden's Hill area and about efforts to preserve
it for current and future generations to enjoy. This site is maintained by the Hoyden's Hill Neighborhood Association.

Once again the Hoyden’s Hill Open Space Area (HHOSA) has been targeted for development. Last month the Parks and Recreation Commission gave the go-ahead to a Field Space Facilities Committee to attempt to get approvals for a plan to develop the centuries-old fallow farmer’s fields of the HHOSA. For the proposed recreation complex, a new road would be constructed from Hoyden’s Lane through the center of the HHOSA to:

• a 120 car parking lot
• a new golf driving range
• a little league field
• a soccer/lacrosse field

This proposed development will destroy irreplaceable town-owned open space land that benefits all Fairfield residents. Natural open space enhances the quality of our air and water, while providing habitat for birds and other wildlife. Natural open space contributes to the rural character of Fairfield and differentiates our town from those more developed, increasing our property values. Natural open space allows us all to walk through the grasslands of the fields and the woods right here in Fairfield!

The HHOSA is a unique parcel of the past natural rural beauty of Fairfield. The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has advised Fairfield that endangered, threatened and special concern bird species live in the HHOSA and that “all consideration should be given to preserve this habitat”.

The HHOSA is one of only 4 town-owned designated open space areas managed in accordance with duly-adopted Conservation Commission Management Plans. It is of environmental, historical and cultural significance to Fairfield. The proposed development plan is inconsistent with the current HHOSA Multiple Use Management Plan and is contrary to the Plan’s primary goal of conservation of the land’s natural resources. If it is developed, the HHOSA will no longer be usable by all residents. It will become land to be used solely by a small group: golfers who pay a fee to use the driving range and those participating in a few organized town-approved scheduled athletic programs.

Fairfield is at a fork in the road. The proposal to develop the Hoyden’s Hill Open Space Area will destroy a precious town-owned natural resource forever. This is unacceptable!  If this portion of the HHOSA is developed, what next? Will the entire HHOSA be developed? Will other open space areas be developed?

We know that many Fairfield residents greatly value our town-owned open space and will want to support and participate in our effort to block this plan and preserve this open space. Let’s save Hoyden’s Hill for future generations, just like generations past saved it for all of us. If you want more information, have questions, and want to help support our efforts, please contact us.